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You’ve got a business idea that you’re really excited about but have no idea how to start. You’re not alone. According to a Harris Poll survey conducted in 2021, roughly 62 percent of people in the USA have had an idea for starting a business, but 92 percent didn’t follow through with their idea.

Some of the reasons cited in the survey were:

  • They didn’t know how to get started: 39 percent
  • They were worried about failing: 33 percent
  • They didn’t have access to business tools: 29 percent ‍
  • They weren’t sure how to work with the tools/technology needed to run a business: 26 percent
  • They didn’t have enough time for a new venture: 25 percent
  • They didn’t have support from friends, family, and/or peers: 23 percent
  • They didn’t have access to group plan benefits: 22 percent

It’s hard to start especially if you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed.

This video starts the conversation on “How to Build an Enticing Product or Service That Sells.”

We’ll talk about:

  • How to breathe life into your idea before it hits the market.
  • How to differentiate yourself and find your customers.
  • How to approach your marketing and sales strategy in a way that works for you.
  • How to price yourself to attract sales and build your market share.
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