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Are you feeling stuck on making the transition from corporate 9-5’er to creative entrepreneur?

Or maybe you’re paralyzed by a fear that you won’t be able to replace your corporate income if you decide to go off on your own.

There are a few things you can do BEFORE you leave your 9-5 that can help pave the way to becoming a creative entrepreneur.

In this video, I dive into some of the things to get after while you’re still working at your corporate gig, such as:

  • What you need to decide before you launch your creative business
  • Small steps that lead to big impacts in your entrepreneurial journey
  • Your corporate exit plan…what is it and how to build one that works for you

Because continuing on the path you’ve been on to this point will keep you on the path you’ve been on to this point. And you guessed it…you’ll hit the same destination you’ve seen before. To stop going in circles, you’ll need to make a conscious shift and line up your creative goals with your current actions.

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