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Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you followed your childhood dreams? I always thought that if I worked hard, things would work out the way they were supposed to. The irony is that the harder I worked, the farther I got from being where I truly wanted to be. What I wanted for myself took a back seat to what I thought I needed. It ends up that I didn’t really need it after all…

This is me as a kid. Always near water and doing something related to music.

Even as I got older, water and music were constants in my life. I played the flute and sang in different choirs and groups all through school and graduated from university with a Bachelor of Music with Honours. As for water, every spare moment I had was spent lakeside or on the beach as I’m fortunate to live in BC where we are surrounded by lakes and ocean.

But music went with me everywhere. Until it didn’t.

I stopped playing my flute, I stopped performing in jazz clubs, and music started to fade into the background like a constant decrescendo that eventually ends almost unnoticed.

My focus went elsewhere, or really, went wherever I thought would get me a good job that would make enough money to live the way I wanted to live.

The irony here is that living the way I wanted to live included music and water, but the path I was on was taking me far away from that desire.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see it until much later.

Fortunately, I saw it eventually.

I’m so thankful to have found my way back to music and to be playing my flute again. And I’m equally thankful that I have the opportunity to be lakeside or by the ocean whenever the feeling moves me as I have a career lifestyle that allows me to work from anywhere.

But my big questions are why do we work hard to get somewhere we don’t truly want to be? Why aren’t we planning for the career, and by extension, the life, we want? And why do we believe we need to sacrifice our happiness and desired lifestyle for a “safe” salary. (Notice the quotations…because no job is ever truly safe…)

Ask yourself what you were passionate about when you were younger. When responsibility was a far-off thought and opportunity was everywhere. If for nothing else, it’s food for thought.

But my hope for all of you is that you re-find your passion and figure out a way to bring it back into your life. Find a way to monetize it. Because above all else, you deserve to be happy.

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