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I help creatives make money.

Lots of people settle for the “safe job” because they don’t think they’ve got what it takes to be a creative entrepreneur. They’ve seen others strike it rich with their creativity and figure they’re not one of those lucky few. So, they stow away their creative dreams and choose the safe, predictable route.

But here’s where I strongly disagree. I’ve put together a program to help you, the aspiring creative entrepreneur, chase your business dream. You don’t need to be a one-in-a-million unicorn for it to work. What you do need is a killer idea and some solid guidance and support. I’ve got your back on the guidance part, with a program designed for creatives that shows you how to turn your creative spark into a thriving business.

The Business Academy for Creative Entrepreneurs is all about setting your creativity free and letting you express yourself in a way that means something to you. The goal is to reignite that passion and help you build a business that lets your unique creative spirit shine. Together, let’s create a business that not only fuels your creativity but also lets you live the life you’ve been secretly yearning for.


I partner with individuals and groups to elevate communication, resulting in teams that work better together.

Perhaps the entrepreneurial life isn’t your cup of tea, and you thrive in a team within an established business or organization. That’s fantastic! And if you’re one of the fortunate ones who genuinely enjoys their job, feels seen, heard, and respected—cheers to that! But let’s face it, many of us struggle with articulating our thoughts and viewpoints effectively, and that’s where I step in.

Healthy teams excel in communication. They handle conflicts with respect, value the diverse perspectives each member brings, and consider everyone as an essential and appreciated contributor.

Great communication starts with the individual, but the team’s overall vibe and virtue depend on how you work together. Ultimately, it’s the collective effort that shapes the team’s dynamic and effectiveness as a cohesive unit. Anyone who’s been part of a team and felt their voice wasn’t valued knows just how much it can mess with your job and overall performance. My group work revolves around cultivating highly effective, well-functioning teams, through the magic of communication and understanding.


I collaborate with entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them nail their communication game through top-notch copywriting and editing services.

My specialty lies in catering to the needs of small businesses and solopreneurs who are juggling a hundred things and don’t have the time or expertise to craft compelling messaging for their ventures. Now, just because crafting killer messages might not be your forte, it doesn’t make it any less crucial. Effective communication? It’s an art form, and I’m here to ensure you don’t get caught finger-painting your way through your messaging struggles.

The driving force behind my business model is to help you get your message out and heard by the right people so you can enjoy what you do each and every day, and ultimately, make money while doing it.

And hey, the fact that we get to be creative while doing that makes it a win from all angles!