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Birkman for Leaders

Leaders set the tone, expectations, and attitudes of the organizations to which they belong.

Because these key individuals have such a great influence on those around them, they must develop impeccable awareness of their behavior and of how others interpret it. Equally important for leaders is having the ability to manage and lead in a way that is well received by others and the ability to effectively communicate during high pressure moments.

Leaders, when well attuned and aware of themselves and their environments, can have lasting impacts on those looking up to them, far beyond the implications of their roles. They are the driving forces behind organizations.

Birkman enables leaders to become aware of small implications that make big differences to their performance as a leader. The job of an effective leader is to motivate and empower the human capital within an organization, and therefore, leaders must be able to understand how to communicate with, motivate, and appreciate the different types of people that compose the organizations they lead.

Birkman is a tool for understanding people. Through better understanding with Birkman, leaders can learn how to connect with and motivate different personality styles in their organization, know how to better handle difficult conversations, and see the implications of their reactive stress behaviors. Through Birkman comparative and group reporting options, leaders become attuned to the similarities and differences between themselves and their team, allowing them to better connect, communicate, and lead these individuals.

Birkman for Teams

One of the biggest challenges on any team is getting along and effectively communicating with others. You must adapt to successfully engage with one another, solve problems, and achieve goals. While these objectives will remain similar across different teams, the personalities you meet will not.  Since we all behave and perceive the world differently, there isn’t a single how-to guide for dealing with the people we encounter in life.

Birkman creates a common language for communication within teams and enables individuals to understand their own personality strengths. Through the use of Birkman, teams establish a solid foundation to increase their emotional intelligence and productivity. Perspective shifts also occur as teams are more able to embrace the differences that make them unique, instead of seeing differences as potential liabilities or areas of conflict. The Birkman Method is a multidimensional assessment that measures the behavioral and occupational strengths and interests of individuals.

Birkman helps you deeply understand your personality. By truly knowing your outward behaviors and inward motivations, you are able to bring your best self to the table. And, when you discuss these insights together as a team, you are able to appreciate, communicate, and leverage the strengths of your team members. This sense of mutual understanding is key to building success collaboratively.