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Are you a serial 9-5’er with a creative flair holding on to a secret dream of starting your own business?
You’ve come to the right place!

The Business Academy for Creative Entrepreneurs is designed to help you leave your 9-5 to launch the creative business you dream about. The four-pillar approach takes your business idea from just a twinkle in your eye to a viable business equipped with the tools and resources you need to build your creative entrepreneurial success.

After completing the Business Academy for Creative Entrepreneurs, you will be equipped with the mindset, knowledge and resources to support your creative business, and ultimately, the lifestyle you want as a self-employed entrepreneur.

It’s time to stop tossing and turning at night because you’re settling for your ‘safe’ job. It’s time to stop stifling your creativity. It’s time to empower your ingenuity and build a business you love. It’s time!

Pillar 1: Sketch Your Business

Deciding to quit your 9-5 and start your own business is scary but so is choosing to stay in a job that keeps you unfulfilled, or worse, unhappy. This pillar guides you through the initial stages of building a creative business including your mission statement and business plan, as well as the mindset needed to shift from corporate employee to successful creative entrepreneur.

  • Apply your ingenuity to design a business that honors your creativity and provides a steady income.
  • Clearly articulate your business idea and the value it holds for you. Translate that into a clear message explaining to others why they need the product or service you are offering.
  • Develop your business WHY, including solid vision and mission statements.
  • Build a transition plan for post 9-5 to ensure you are mentally and financially prepared to focus on building your creative business.
  • Deepen your emotional intelligence and tap into your motivators, stresses and needs to leverage your unique strengths.  

Pillar 2: Service Offering & Product Design

Now that we’ve thoroughly sketched out your business and built a plan to exit your 9-5, the next step is establishing what you sell and who you sell it to. What problem do you solve and why does anyone need your solution? Get ready to pull on your right-brain creativity to build innovative differentiators that meet your client’s needs and fill a gap in the existing marketplace.

  • Validate the market
  • Strategically differentiate your product or service from existing competitors
  • Get up close and personal with your ideal customer to understand their unique needs and shape your product or service accordingly

Pillar 3: Sales & Marketing Strategy

You’ve done the behind-the-scenes work and now’s the time to start selling! A strong brand with clear messaging is key to building awareness with your ideal customers. The focus here is building relationships and establishing the business’ visual presence and voice. We want people to covet what you’re selling so let your creativity take center stage as we build your marketing strategy and customer attraction + retention system.

  • Use your creativity to build a compelling brand that communicates your style and attracts your ideal customers
  • Develop a marketing strategy that eliminates the dreaded cold call and has you building a community of warm leads who are looking for exactly what you are offering
  • Build relationships and expand your network to help you grow your business
  • Establish a social media strategy that compliments your marketing model and gets your ideal
    customers off the social media platform and into your sales

Pillar 4: Scale Smart

Your business is growing, you’re making sales, and the life of a creative entrepreneur is becoming busier than you ever could have hoped for. Great, right? YES! But how do you maintain this momentum without burning out and draining the creativity that brought you here in the first place? Scale.

  • Develop a time management system that works for you and sets boundaries around this valuable resource to prevent you from working 24/7.
  • Assume the role of CEO and identify which tasks can be outsourced or *gasp* delegated to staff
  • Identify the risks associated with your business and evaluate your results to best position your creative business for success. Being adaptable according to risks and rewards will help you endure the inevitable ebbs and flows of being an entrepreneur.
  • Learn to prioritize your self-care and recognize signs of burnout. You started this business…we don’t want it to be the end of you.

Your creative business is waiting.