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Learn how to harness the power + creative prowess of your team through emotional intelligence, understanding, and communication styles that work.

Highly effective teams know how to communicate. Of course, that’s not the only thing they have going for them, but if they can’t communicate, everything else suffers.

I partner with businesses and organizations to foster team dynamics that contribute to greater overall performance and enhanced leadership effectiveness.

Leaders set the tone, expectations, and attitudes of their organization. To be an effective leader, emotional intelligence and awareness top the scales on required skills and abilities. As a Group Dynamics + Communication Specialist, I help you understand how your behaviours show up in the workplace and how others perceive the actions you take.

My two-pronged approach begins with individual self-awareness and emotional intelligence for each member of the team and expands to consciously create a team dynamic reliant on effective communication and understanding. Through the work we do together, teams develop a mutual understanding of the group’s personalities and tendencies so they can show up as their best selves, increase their EQ, work together more effectively, and improve productivity.

But then we take it one step further and look at it in the context of the team.

One of the biggest hurdles of any team is getting along and communicating effectively with one another. And while the goals and objectives you’re striving to meet as a team match up, your personalities and tendencies may not and can get in the way of progress.

My work with teams is structured to focus on each individual and how they contribute to the DNA of the team. Each member of the team will gain a better understanding of their own personal tendencies and responses, the impact their behaviour has on others, and how they can come together as a team to embrace what makes them unique instead of seeing differences as a source of conflict and strife.