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I highly recommend working with Erin. She is insightful and patient, and she has helped me to find solutions to any block I have come to her with whether they are personal or business related. She is energetic, sincere, and reliable. Within each session, she helps me to focus on a goal and offers different perspectives and observations as we find a way to achieve it. I am a different person since working with Erin. She has truly helped me to achieve all that I wanted.

  • Lauren Harnett
  • Clearview Coaching
  • Calgary, Alberta

Over the past year that Erin has been my coach, I have grown and accomplished so much personally, and in my business. I won’t spill my life story, but I will say that if you’re looking for someone to guide, challenge, and understand, you’ve found her. Working with Erin, you will gain more than a coach. You will gain a trusted friend and your biggest cheerleader. I highly recommend her. No matter what is going on in your life, working with Erin it will be changed for the better!

  • Alexandria MacFarlane
  • Truly Lifestyle Brand
  • Vancouver, BC

My company has done some collaborative work with Erin and working with her has been a wonderful experience for myself, my clients, and my business. She brings experience, professionalism and authenticity to her coaching practice which leads to greater insight and self-awareness for clients through individualized assessments and coaching programs. Erin’s passion for coaching is truly evident resulting in powerful sessions that empower individuals and allow them to grow. She is someone I trust and have great respect for, both professionally and personally.

  • Angela Malli
  • Refined World
  • Vancouver, BC